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Where Models and Paradigms ‘Connect’

Some people use the words “models” and “paradigms” to talk about how they think and act. This is what they mean:

Models are like pictures or diagrams that show how things work. You can see the parts and how they are connected. You can also ask ‘what-if?’ questions like “why is this part here?” or “what if I change this part?” You can make your models better by changing them or adding new parts.

Paradigms are like habits or patterns that you do without thinking. They are hidden in your mind and you don’t always know why you do them. They make you act in certain ways. For example, the way you walk is a paradigm. You don’t think about how to move your legs or feet. You just do it. But different people walk in different ways. Why is that?

Or… why do different people believe different things?


Or… make different choices?


What if you want to change something?


If you want a different result, you can try two things:

1. You can play with your models. Try out some ‘what-if? scenarios’: change some parts to see what happens. Maybe you will see that a proposed change is not worthwhile.

2. You can change your paradigms and think of a new way to do something. Invent something that no one has ever done before.

#1 is like making small changes to improve what you have. It also helps you to think more openly and get ready for #2.

#2 is like making a big jump to create something new.

It’s #2 that many people and companies really need, but it’s hard to do because of your hidden paradigms.

Remodel International is a company that helps people to do both #1 and #2.

They help people to make models…and then change their paradigms to create new models. With a clear vision and understanding you gain confidence so that you can make that quantum leap. Unleash creativity and generate awe that leads to greater success for both your organization and you.