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‘Bridge Of Faith for Operations with examples for medical device and diagnostic manufacturers’

reMODEL’s Methodology bridges the language gap between the shop floor and senior management.

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It’s a quiz book!

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’15 Stories One Bob’

15-Real Stories, 15-Real People, 15-Real Incredible Life Transformations…
Inbal reveals the inner workings of 15 minds in real life settings who have studied with Bob Proctor (from movie “The Secret”) and implemented his teachings into their daily life.  From heart wrenching, near death situations to happy, healthy, productive, self sustainable and highly successful lives.  True parables for our time. You too can learn this life changing Secret..whatever your situation or dis-satisfaction is in your life: Lorrie & James are accredited teachers of Bob´s material and honoured to be one of the 15 Stories…


Books that Have Influenced Us

Books influencing James La Trobe-Bateman

Listen to a short discussion with Mark Dejong of The Lean Effect Podcast about a couple of books that influenced James’ career.

  1. ‘Up The Organization’ by Robert Townsend
  2. ‘The Goal’ by Eli Goldratt and Jeff Cox

More recent books that influence our current thinking are: