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…because they remove the fear of change.



…because you must strengthen the new paradigm to overpower the resistance of the old. Subconsciously.

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Impact-ology Wheel - outside view

The Impact-ology Wheel

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Corporations get a bad press. Mostly because they seem to dehumanize the people who work in them and sometimes spoil the environment for others.  So how do you make corporations...


Models and Paradigms

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'Models and Paradigms' means this to us: Models are explicit.  Things are connected logically.  You can scrutinize the logic and challenge the assumptions. You can change them without emotional upset....

Impact is Hot

Impact is Hot, Productivity is Not

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Productivity means dividing something. Impact means multiplying. This is a better measure.


James, Your ‘Insights and Knowledge’ continue to be critical to our business and future direction.

USA Marketing DirectorGlobal Medical Device Company

…this methodology will help guide decision making and will improve your profitability.

European Business DirectorUS Based Multi-National Healthcare Company

James, We are very pleased with the excitement reMODEL created yesterday. Our Marketing Director said she could not believe how revitalising the game was as everyone had been really tired at the end of the meeting. You chose the playful approach very well. Thank you.

Market Research ManagerU.S. based Multi-National Healthcare Manufacturing Company

James, I want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for all your incredible partnership and responsiveness. Your ‘Insights & Knowledge’ continue to be critical to our business and future direction.

Marketing DirectorMulti-National Healthcare Manufacturing Company

reMODEL will teach your people how to fish…

VP WW Process EngineeringA Johnson & Johnson Company USA

Lorrie, You came in, said what you were going to do and how long it was going to take you to do it. I was not sure to believe you. You not only did ‘Exactly’ what you said, in the amount of time you said you would do it in, you took us to the ‘Superbowl’. You not only took us to the Superbowl, we ‘Won It’! I have never worked with anyone else who has done ‘Exactly’ what they said they were going to do and ‘More’, as you have.

Scott GreenfieldVice President Home Equity & Line of Credit, National Inbound & Outbound Customer Service Center, U.S.A.

‘It’s the Field of Dreams Stuff… Build it [a model] and They Will Come [on board]’…

Snr Director Global Supply ChainMajor International Medical Device Company


Models & Paradigms™…1+1=11
Since 1997 “Global Innovation Award” winning James LaTrobe-Bateman & Lorrie A. MacGilvray have Re-Modelled corporations and people around the world to better places for their specific needs, goals & dreams…

Those who know us, know that we understand manufacturing improvements, can make sense of market data as well as deeply understand global medical device & diagnostics industry.  You could say we can identify WHAT to improve and WHY to do it.  NOW…we have combined that expertise with teaching one of the most powerful success programs available…

The biggest problem with both corporations and individuals is “HOW-TO” make change happen.  This is where we have invested thousands of hours of research, training, and in-the-trenches-experience –  all to provide you with Answers, Strategies and How-To implement immediately.

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