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Change in Nature Requires No Management

The business world is awash with change managers.

At Remodel International, we market ourselves as such,


…but maybe we shouldn’t.


Change management smells of somebody trying to change your mind.


And none of us likes to have our minds [forcibly] changed.


Being troubled about this has brought us to Frederic Laloux’s book ‘Reinventing Organizations’.  He says this about Change Management in his ideal company:


“…Here are two other terms I have not encountered even during the research: change and change management. That is rather extraordinary, when we come to think of it. Every manager knows that making change happen in an organization is hard. Change is one of the most frustrating, and therefore most widely discussed problems of management today. A whole industry of experts and consultants in change management has sprung forth to support managers in the trying journey of change…”


…and then he goes on the talk about a certain type of organization where no attention is paid to this “problem” at all. In fact, it isn’t an issue.




We won’t try to cover the preceding 213 pages of Laloux’s book in a short blog. Instead, take a look at another blog of ours which discusses the ‘Impact-ology Wheel’ – a model company that manages itself, follows its purpose and goes where that purpose leads, powered by people in it that themselves care about the purpose and find meaning in fulfilling it in that company.


Noticeably such a company is not ‘driven’ by shareholders, the board, a sociopathic CEO, or relies on change managers to make things happen.