Why Is Change Sometimes So Easy?

Difficult change

We expend a lot of energy trying to figure out how to help people to change their minds. It seems so difficult.

Let’s look at the ‘mountain’ from the other side. How is it that some changes happen so easily, with just about everybody?

Think about Smartphones. In only a decade from the first iPhone the majority of people own one. More than that, those people have changed a whole range of habits: we text more than we call, we look at our phone for information instead our computer or even the local library, we spend our time at the dinner table looking at the screen instead of talking to those next to us. Not all the new habits are necessarily good, but there is no doubt we changed them.

And it wasn’t a struggle, like giving up smoking or kicking some other ‘bad habit’.

You bought the Smartphone because you wanted to make phone calls and because you wanted to be able to communicate the same way as your friends. You ended up texting more and watching YouTube videos. And there’s another thing: you are probably paying more for your phone than you used to pay for a landline. But you changed anyway.

There’s another reason you bought the Smartphone. All your friends and family were buying them. They were the latest cool gadget.

So if it was so easy for us with the Smartphone, why can’t we find similar easy ways to make some other ‘difficult’ changes in life?

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