What’s Happening at reMODEL?

by Lorrie on December 8, 2016


Lorrie & James 20 years on, as always, are listening very closely to your wants and needs and have been very busy evolving our reMODEL business into something even more useful for you.

Those who know us, know that we understand manufacturing improvements and can make sense of market data and the global medical device industry.  You could say that we can identify WHAT to improve and WHY to do it.

The biggest problem with everybody, both corporations and individuals, is “HOW-TO” make the change happen.  This is where we have invested in order to provide you with answers, strategies and How-to´s you can implement immediately.

So you’ll see our emphasis changing from a numbers oriented outlook to a more personal development oriented one.  Personal Development is just a phrase for ‘Making Ourselves Better’.  A company is nothing more than its people, so the company cannot get better without its people getting better. Neither can your own life get better without bettering yourself.

You will see a number of new names for bits of this, although all are part of reMODEL International.  All are available now or very soon.

Lorrie A MacGilvray and Friends:

  • ‘Learning About Me’ events and vacation workshops
  • ‘Secret about Habits’ 5 module online training
  • ‘Thinking Into Results’ 12 lesson, 6 month coached online training

James La Trobe-Bateman:

  • reMODEL: Medical Device consultancy
  • ‘Provide Insights not just Analysis’ 5 module online training
  • Other online material to transfer to you the know how learnt over 20+ years

We look forward to seeing you again in 2017!

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