TIR Program – A Student who is a Detroit High School Teacher
February 27, 2018

“Time and circumstance had eroded my ability to dream and trust in the notion that I was in control of my life. TIR (Thinking Into Results) rekindled my faith in the fact that anything is possible. As 50 approaches, the future is bright, exciting, and filled with the possibilities of a dreamer once again! Thanks for the wake-up call Lorrie!”

Thinking Into Results Program – 4 Students
February 27, 2018

“After doing TIR (Thinking Into Results) with Lorrie my life took a huge positive turn!!”

“…a great way of mentoring you towards a bulletproof mindset that will leave you believing you can achieve anything.”

“…achieving results that I want and changing results I don’t want in my life”

“I love what are you doing. Purpose is incredible, higher and unique.”

Thinking Into Results Student & Small Business Owner
February 27, 2018

“I still remember [the] day, when working in garden from Lorrie and James. Back than I struggled with my income/expense life style and was thinking of quitting working for them as maintenance gardener as my wish was to earn more than what my current job offered me. So I said: Lorrie, I will have to quit my work for you as from now on, I look for work where I can earn double the income and starts with you. To my surprise, she 100% supported my decision and showed me TIR (Thinking Into Results) program she teaches. At the time I could not afford it, but somehow I had good feeling about the way she helped me with decision. So I invested all I had into this Program and got my money back same week from other works that opened in my career as gardener. Ever since I could even afford new car, started flying lessons, traveling and my income more than doubled. Thank you Lorrie and James for all life changing lessons you still give me every time we meet in Your garden.”

The Remodel Team
February 28, 2018

“…a great team, couple and inspirational people!”


You Not Only Took Us To the Superbowl…We Won It!
March 11, 2017

“Lorrie, You came in, said what you were going to do and how long it was going to take you to do it.  I was not sure to believe you.  You not only did ‘Exactly’ what you said, in the amount of time you said you would do it in, you took us to the ‘Superbowl’.  You not only took us to the Superbowl, we ‘Won It’!   I have never worked with anyone else who has done ‘Exactly’ what they said they were going to do and ‘More’, as you have.”

USA Marketing Director, Global Medical Device Company
March 11, 2017

“James, Your ‘Insights and Knowledge’ continue to be critical to our business and future direction.”