Moral Leadership

Manifesto for Making Corporations More Fit for Human Habitation®

What will change look like?

Corporations built around people. Employees feeling proud of WHY, WHAT and HOW they together deliver to society.

  • Improvements must really improve products, people’s lives, prosperity and the planet
  • Improvements will be moral – not disregarding any one
  • Improvements will positively impact the business, employees and communities near and far touched by the business and its employees
  • Employees will feel they Belong: BE = Live = Grow + LONG = Sustainably
  • Communities touched directly and indirectly will have increased well-being

What is the “impossible” we dare you to imagine as “possible”? What is the story about the future or an alternate reality your manifesto will tell?

  • Well-being improved sustainably for All People: employees, customers, their communities and the world

What Core values we believe are crucial for building a better world?

  • Personal self-awareness, commitment, empathy, courage, honesty
  • In partnerships: boldness, clarity, consistency, respect, inclusiveness, intention
  • Always with a positive attitude, fun, sense of life balance and humanity

What will serve as our moral compass?

  • Always walking the talk, i.e. with integrity and morality

What are key actions we need to take? What do we dare yourselves and others to do or see?

  • Identify and work to ‘improve the improvers’
  • Intuitively seek like-minded people to collaborate, partner and mastermind with

What will be required of us?

  • Hold to the mission (Making corporate life better for people in it)
  • Ability to see the paradigms in us and others than are knocking us off course and help to shift them accordingly

Who do you need to make sure you’re listening to?

  • Voices unheard: through change agents who are Ready, Able, Willing, Seeking (R.A.W.S.)

What will help us sustain and thrive throughout this work?