Moral Leadership

Manifesto for Improving Corporate Life – It’s about Moral Leadership

What will change look like?

  • Improvements must really improve things!
  • Start by ‘improving’ the improvers
  • Improvements will be moral – not disregarding any one
  • Improvements will positively impact the business, employees and communities near and far touched by the business and its employees
  • Employees will have more satisfaction, sense of worth and happy
  • Communities touched directly and indirectly will have increased well-being

What is the “impossible” we dare you to imagine as “possible”? What is the story about the future or an alternate reality your manifesto will tell?

  • Greater economic equality whilst still stimulating invention and risk taking
  • People happily productive for 20 years after 65

What 3 Core values we believe are crucial for building a better world?

  • Honesty
  • Awareness
  • Humanity

What will serve as our moral compass?

  • Integrity: never being ashamed of anything you do

What are the 3 key actions we need to take? What do we dare yourselves and others to do or see?

  • Create a community of business improvers
  • Launch a program of personal growth for lean practitioners
  • Find like-minded people to collaborate with

What will be required of us?

  • Hold to the mission (Making corporate life better for people in it)
  • Ability to overcome or go around entrenched paradigms

Who do you need to make sure you’re listening to?

  • Business managers
  • Line workers
  • Families of people who work at the corporation

What will help us sustain and thrive throughout this work?