Why thinking about 'HOW?' stops you..

4 Steps Toward your Really Big Goals & Dreams

When setting your really BIG ‘C’ type goal and you ask yourself ‘HOW?’ do I do this, or ‘HOW?’ does this particular thing happen that is actually 10 steps down the road, you are really stopping yourself before you start.

Sound ridiculous?  It’s really pretty simple once you understand about your ‘Paradigms’.

Here’s what is happening.  When you ask yourself ‘HOW do I do this?’ and you have never done something like this before, in your mind, you are going back through ‘your own’ memories and life experiences and there is absolutely nothing to reference.  That is where your ‘current’ paradigm takes over and will unconsciously stop you, distract you, find other things to occupy you, before you start.

Anything that puts you into your ‘current’ paradigm is going to stop you before you start because you have no frame of reference ‘HOW’ to do what you want to do because you have never done it before..

Here are 4 Steps toward achieving your REALLY BIG goals and dreams…

  1. The simple solution is you first must ‘DECIDE’ what you ‘really’ really want or want to do.
  2. 2. Then you must act on it.  Take that first step towards it and the answers will come with each step you take forward.
  3. Decide and set a date you plan to take ‘serious’ action.  Right now, tomorrow, in 2 weeks.  If you want to put on an event you have never done before, WHEN do you want to do it?   Set your date, start looking for your venue and get your pen and paper ready because now your answers will start flowing…
  4. Next you want to find someone who has been there and done what you want to do and has done it highly successfully.  That is who you want to learn from.  Ask someone who knows ‘HOW’ to do what you want to do and your answers will come in quantum leaps.

These are your first steps toward achieving your really BIG ‘C’ type goal successfully.


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